Why Write Popular Subgenres of Romance Books?

Romance is one of the oldest and most popular genres of entertainment out there. Books distributed in all the subgenres of romance reach billions of electronic, audio, and hard copies each year. Everyone wants to relate to their favorite romance story or dream of a fairytale romance that sweeps them off their feet. Romance fiction delivers this dream to its readers. However, it’s never just one storyline or genre. Here are some popular romance subgenres you should read.

What Subgenres are Popular?

Romance is an umbrella genre for a wide variety of subgenres. Here are six popular subgenres you should look into.

  1. Contemporary Romance- These stories are set in the present, anytime after WWII until today. Many will capitalize on stories in the news, popular culture, or other relatable plots.
  2. Romantic Suspense- This genre combines mystery and suspense with an overarching romance storyline to make quite the page-turner. Readers cheer for the heroine/hero to win their cause or crack the case, and along the way, discover their true love.
  3. Historical Romance- These stories are set in a period before 1945. They can be written by contemporary authors but are set in the past. These books take readers back to another time and place to discover romance in eras long gone.
  4. Young Adult Romance- These are romance books catered to late teens and early 20s. The romance is often messy, turbulent and reveals a deeper truth about the characters. Sometimes these feel the most underdeveloped, overly emotional, and say the least much as we all felt in those high school and college years.
  5. Speculative Romance- These stories are more futuristic or fantasy-based compared to the previous subgenres.
  6. Paranormal Romance – These stories tell of romance between otherworldly beings such as werewolves, shapeshifters, vampires, and other mystical beings and humans. The storylines are fraught with rules very different those most stories in the subgenres one to four above.

Why are These Subgenres Popular?

Everyone has their own opinion on what the best romance subgenre is, but these are some of the most popular options because of either their relatability, as seen in contemporary and young adult romance novels. Their mystic nature pulls the reader outside of their own life, with historical, speculative, and suspense romance.  

All of these subgenres are worth giving a try. When you find a category that works for you, it can be quite the page-turner. Since many will span thousands of words and numerous books in a series, romance can become addictive to read. Try out each of these subgenres and see what speaks to you!

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