How to Find Inspiration for Your Writing – 10 Quick Tips

Every writer faces the dreaded “writer’s block” occasionally. But when it hits, how do you move past it? Here are ten quick tips to help inspire your next few sentences, pages, chapter, or even your next book!

1. Think about something completely different

Initially this may sound counter-productive! However, it will help your brain to subconsciously work on whatever problem you are trying to overcome. It may also bring a whole new perspective to your writing.

2. Go people watching

It is often said that life imitates art. But a lot of time, it is the other way around! While opportunities to go people watching have been limited over the past year or so, it can be a great tool for furthering your writing process. Notice how people dress, move, and interact with each other, and see if you can weave some of these aspects into your writing. There are plenty of interesting people out there to help you develop your characters!

3. Read a book you love

Think about what it is that makes you love that book. Is it the way the characters are painted, or the descriptions that make you feel like you can see exactly what the author means? Emulate this to bring life to your work and create writing that you enjoy reading. If you enjoy it, so will your readers!

4. Cut yourself some slack!

Not every word you write has to be perfect first time around. The most important thing is getting started – just get some words down on the page to start your creative juices flowing.

5. Make time to rest your brain

Just like our bodies, our brains get tired after a while and need chance to recharge. If you’ve been working away at the same chapter for weeks, maybe you just need a break! No one is at their best when they are tired, so make sure you give yourself some time off.

6. Listen to some new music

Music can be highly emotive. Listen to something new and really listen to the words, the melodies, and the rhythm. Take note of how it makes you feel, and where you are taken to in your imagination when you listen to that music. Are you on a mountain top, a beach, or in a bustling city?

7. Draw inspiration from dreams

Our dreams can be a goldmine for inspiration! Subconsciously, our dreams piece together parts of our lives in strange ways. This can result in some out-of-this-world scenarios that would make for a great book!

8. Talk to another writer

This could be a friend or family member, or someone you’ve never met before who you meet online. Bouncing ideas off each other is a great way to spark inspiration and find new ways to look at problems.

9. Go for a walk

The most important part of this tip is being present. What can you see, hear, and smell? How does the exercise or the setting make you feel? Could you channel that into your writing through a particular character. If they were in your shoes, how would they feel, and what would they be thinking about? The outdoors can work wonders for our headspace. Use this to your advantage and draw on nature to help unlock new ideas.

10. Recall conversations you’ve had

It is easy for conversation to spark an idea, but so often these are quickly forgotten! Think back to conversations you have had with friends and family to search for ideas that you may have forgotten about.

Inspiration is all around us – hopefully these tips will help you find some of your own!

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