What Makes a Book Blurb Great?

Arguably, the blurb of your book contains the most important words you write. These words need to draw in a potential reader, persuading them to buy your book and start reading it. There are some key details you should get right to make sure your blurb achieves its purpose. Here are 5 things you should consider when writing your blurb to make it great!

1. Use a hook

The first sentence of your blurb is vital to spark interest in your potential reader. Find a way to draw them in that uses the content of your book to position it as an essential read.

2. Know your audience

This is so important. You want to pitch the blurb at your intended audience. Use language they will resonate with and respond to. Work out what your readers want from a book – what is it that gives them joy from a book? Once you know this you can pitch your book in your blurb to demonstrate how it will fulfil what they want from a book.

3. Make your blurb fit the rest of the book

It is important to match the tone of your book in your blurb. The blurb essentially gives potential readers an enticing glimpse into what your book is going to be about. Therefore, ensuring the blurb is an accurate portrayal of the book is crucial. If your book is light-hearted, make sure this comes across in the blurb. Likewise, if your book is dark and mysterious, a joke as the first line is probably not the best choice!

4. Introduce your main characters, their challenges, and what is at stake

Readers are looking for characters they can connect with. This means that your characters, and their struggles, will usually sell a reader on your book. Do your characters justice by succinctly summarising the situation they are in. Use the suspense around whether they are going to end the book having succeeded or failed to encourage readers to join them for the journey!

5. Leave them wanting more!

The best way to get a potential reader to buy your book is to intrigue them so they can’t bring themselves to leave it on the shelf! Draw them in to the world you’ve created and make the reader curious about what could be in store. Leave some room for them to imagine where the story might lead, so don’t give too much away!

Most of all, you need to make sure your blurb does your book justice! To do this, spend the time making it as great as you can, it will be worthwhile!

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