Five of the Most Inspirational Writing Quotes

Some quotes about writing have a profound impact on us, encouraging us to pursue our passion for writing or comforting us when we face the dreaded writer’s block! Here are five of my favorites that continue to inspire me.

1. “Write the kind of story you would like to read. People will give you all sorts of advice about writing, but if you are not writing something you like, no one else will like it either.” – Meg Cabot

As a well-loved author (she wrote the very successful Princess Diaries series, in case you are unfamiliar with her work), Meg Cabot certainly wrote with this in mind! This quote reminds us to enjoy our writing, and only when we do this wholeheartedly and honestly can we expect success.

2. “Fill your paper with the breathings of your heart.” – William Wordsworth

A beautiful quote from a poet well-known for his beautiful writing. The imagery of pouring out your feelings and thoughts onto a page is quite stunning. It reminds us that the best writing comes from a place of genuineness and an acceptance that we must give part of ourselves for people to respond emotionally.

3. “Mistakes are the portals of discovery.” – James Joyce

This quote is a crumb of comfort to every writer; this quote often buoys my mood when something doesn’t go to plan, either in my writing or in life more generally! Thinking of mistakes as opportunities is not a new idea but are something we often forget to put into practice.

4. “Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing.” – Benjamin Franklin

This quote often helps me remember why we write – to bring our audience the feeling of new experiences, new places, and new feelings. If we have not experienced these ourselves, how can we expect to do them justice in our writing? The best writers take their own experiences and share them with their readers in a way that makes them feel as if they were there themselves, seeing everything described on the page in front of them. Creativity is essential, of course. However, there really is no substitute for the real thing when writing about it authentically.

5. “If I waited for perfection, I would never write a word.” – Margaret Atwood

Every author has been in this situation – a blank page staring at you, daring you to write something on it, but the right words just won’t come to you. A great way to overcome writer’s block is just to write; it’s as simple as that. And, as this quote reminds us, everything we write doesn’t have to be perfect but just making a start can help us get to where we need to be.

What are your favorite inspirational quotes about writing? I hope these have given you food for thought!

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