How to Find an Editor

Before getting your work published, it is always a good idea to get your work edited. If you’re new to writing or looking for a new way to get your work edited, here are a few tips for finding an editor!

1. Work out what kind of editor you need

This is a crucial step that you need to complete before you begin your search for an editor. Determining the kind of editor you need will help you to choose the best person for you. For example, do you need someone just to proofread your work, or do you need some to do a heavy edit, rewriting sentences or even paragraphs? The more precise you can be about the kind of editing you want done, the better you are equipping your editor, meaning they will be able to a better job for you.

2. Find a Freelance Editor online

There are lots of websites around that list the services of freelance editors. Some websites you can look at include,, and of course, On these sites, you will find hundreds of people offering their services for a range of prices, so you will undoubtedly find someone to help you. Whatever your budget, remember that the more you can afford to spend, the more you value your editor’s time. While not always the case, generally, you get what you pay for, so make sure to set aside a decent budget to allow you to hire a great editor!

3. Do your research!

As with anything, the more research you can do, the better! For example, if your writing is for a specific genre, make sure to find someone who specifies editing work for that genre. Similarly, if your writing requires an in-depth knowledge of the subject area to make sense of it, ensure you choose someone who has that knowledge and can therefore pick up on any mistakes in the content for you.

4. Choose someone you think you will get one well with!

Another important factor in choosing an editor is your working relationship with them. It will not be a productive working relationship if you cannot have a polite conversation with them. Ensure you choose someone who you can work with, as the editing process often requires several rewrites, meaning your conversation may go one for some time before you are both happy with the writing. If the person you choose is not responsive, rude, or disrespectful, the process will be much more difficult than it has to be!

I hope these tips will help you to feel more confident about finding the best editor for you. Ultimately, having someone editing your work can be nerve-wracking, as you fear they will pull apart months of work! However, choosing the right editor can make this process much more enjoyable and much less scary! So take your time, do your research, and make the most of the feedback they give you.

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