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Street Teams – How They Can Help You!

It can be difficult to get your work out there in a world that is seemingly saturated with content! One way that writers garner attention for their work is through using street teams. A street team is usually a group of fans of your writing who want to help bring your writing to more people. They help you promote your new books in return for the ability to chat and interact with you, their favorite author! As such, it is a mutually beneficial relationship, giving you an enthusiastic team of people who are more than happy to help raise awareness of your new material, boosting your sales.

If you think a street team could benefit you, the next thing you’ll want to know is how to form one! The best way to build your street team nowadays is via social media, predominantly Facebook. If you have a following on any social media platform, put out a post saying you are interested in forming a street team and ask your followers whether they are interested in being a part of it. Many writers who have built their street teams suggest you focus on building your street team organically, only adding people to it who are genuinely interested in helping you. You can manage your street team by adding members to a Facebook group. This is useful for instantly connecting with the members of your street team and organizing events!

Here are a few ways you can make your street team as effective as possible:

1. Engage with your street team personally

The people who will be your most effective members will want to get to know you, their favorite author! So make sure you spend the time interacting with your members to make them feel valued.

2. Incentivise your street team members

There are several ways to get your street team excited about your new book. This includes doing book signings and setting up competitions to chat with you or win books. Additionally, give your street team members exclusive content – this will ensure your team feels they are getting lots back from you for their efforts!

3. Involve your team members in event planning

A great way to make sure your events are effective is to ask your street team members for their suggestions and get them involved in the planning. This way, they will be invested in the events, and therefore more likely to put in the time and effort required to succeed.

If you’ve not considered a street team before, maybe this is the sign you’ve been waiting for! They can be a fantastic way to get readers involved in helping raise awareness around your new content!

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