Writer's Block

Writer’s Block – How to Overcome It!

When you think about your favorite authors, it can be hard to imagine them struggling with the same things you struggle with as a writer. But in reality, problems such as writer’s block are universal! At some point in their career, I can almost guarantee you that your favorite author has come up against the seemingly immovable brick wall that we call writer’s block. Unfortunately, when that wall hits you, it can seem impossible to move past it. So here are a few tips to help you to overcome it!

1. Take Off the Pressure!

It can feel like every word you write has to be the perfect first time around. Unfortunately, this mindsight often leads to writer’s block out of fear of writing something imperfect. The way to overcome this is to reassure yourself that everything you are writing is just the first draft – there will be many more to come! This frees you from the shackles of making every word exactly right, allowing you to write in a more flowing style that feels more authentic.

2. Switch up the perspective

Look at the scene you’re writing from another character’s point of view. This can help you look at the scene in a whole different light, opening up avenues for development you had not seen yet. You can even do this with non-speaking characters such as pets. Even if this exercise doesn’t make the final cut, it can be a gateway to furthering the story through your main character’s eyes.

3. Do something that takes your mind off writing

While this may sound counterintuitive, taking a break from your writing can give your brain the space it needs to figure out your next steps. Subconsciously, you will be playing around with various ideas in your head, and the best ones usually rise into your conscious state.  Additionally, doing something different may provide you with some inspiration. You never know where inspiration may come from – it could be a wallpaper pattern or a piece of clothing that reminds you of an aspect of your story!

4. Exercise your brain!

Try out some writing exercises to give your writing a new perspective. For example, you could try flicking to a random page in the dictionary, closing your eyes, and pointing to a word. Then, find ways to work this word into your next sentence or paragraph. You’re likely to get some hilarious results, but it will help you to broaden your thinking, as well as your vocabulary!

5. Use a creative prompt

There are hundreds of these out there! The idea is that they will make you think about your writing in a new way, which can be perfect for overcoming writer’s block. For example, imagine your character cooking their perfect meal – what would it be? Or, if they could go on holiday anywhere, where would it be? These prompts help you get inside your character’s head, enabling you to see their path more clearly.

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