The Benefits of a Writing Partner and Where to Find One

| Angelica Kate |
With an array of possible avenues to go down when writing a novel, it can be hard to know where to start. The world of eBooks has made getting published today very different to publishing just a fe…

What are Beats in Romance Writing?

| Angelica Kate |
The construction of a romance novel can seem confusing to a new writer. But thankfully there is a solid framework that most authors use to ensure their writing is pleasing to the reader. This frame…

What Makes a Book Blurb Great?

| Angelica Kate |
Arguably, the blurb of your book contains the most important words you write. These words need to draw in a potential reader, persuading them to buy your book and start reading it. There are some k…

How to Find Inspiration for Your Writing – 10 Quick Tips

| Angelica Kate |
Every writer faces the dreaded “writer’s block” occasionally. But when it hits, how do you move past it? Here are ten quick tips to help inspire your next few sentences, pages, chapter, or even you…
Romance Blogs

The Five Top Author Blogs in Romance That You Need to Check Out

| Angelica Kate |
If you’re a budding romance author looking for inspiration, there are lots of fantastic blogs out there to help you get past any writer’s block or shake in confidence. As there are so many to choos…
Romance Podcast

Five Podcasts Every Romance Author Should Check Out

| Angelica Kate |
Sometimes it is hard to see the wood for the trees when it comes to podcasts – everyone seems to be doing them nowadays! So, if you’re a romance author, or a fan of the genre, and you’re look…

The World’s Top Five Libraries – In One Reader’s Opinion

| Angelica Kate |
Libraries provide a haven for many people. They can be a place to escape reality and dive into new and distant worlds. But some libraries are just so amazing that it makes it hard to want to leave!…

Five tips for authors to stay organized and on a writing schedule

| Angelica Kate |
Authors have many ideas, but they need to stick to a writing schedule to convert specific ideas into words. It can be challenging to find enough spare time and the patience to convert a writing pro…

Why Write Popular Subgenres of Romance Books?

| Angelica Kate |
Romance is one of the oldest and most popular genres of entertainment out there. Books distributed in all the subgenres of romance reach billions of electronic, audio, and hard copies each year. Ev…

Zero to eBook in 30 days – Write your first book (part 6 of 6)

| Angelica Kate |
This is the final part in this series but for part 1 go HERE; part 2 go HERE; part 3 go HERE; part 4 go HERE and part 5 go HERE. STEP 10: SPLASH PAINT ON A CANVAS While your manuscript is out being…

Zero to eBook in 30 days – Write your first book (part 5 of 6)

| Angelica Kate |
This is part 5 of the series. For part 1 go HERE, part 2 go HERE, part 3 go HERE and part 4 go HERE. STEP 8: RELEASE THE HOUNDS Now it’s time to call that group of people who told you they co…

Zero to eBook in 30 days – Write your first book (part 4 of 6)

| Angelica Kate |
This is part four of the series for part 1 go HERE, part 2 go HERE and part 3 go HERE. STEP 6: ORGANIZE THE CHAOS Now comes the fun stuff. NOT! This is when you must put on your suit of armor and w…

Zero to eBook in 30 days – Write your first book (part 3 of 6)

| Angelica Kate |
This is the third part of this series. For part one go HERE, and part 2 go HERE. STEP 4: JOT IT DOWN This is the place where everyone goes wrong; if you are going to write the next best-selling jui…

Zero to eBook in 30 days – Write your first book (part 2 of 6)

| Angelica Kate |
The second part of the series starts here to read the first go HERE. STEP 2: LET THE IDEAS FLOW Most people can provide a general synopsis of the romance they want to see brought to life on paper, …

Zero to Finished eBook in 30 days – (part 1 of 6)

| Angelica Kate |
You read all the Fifty Shades books, watched every Hallmark movie made for television at Christmas, your kindle is filled with romance titles, and you have sat through enough romantic comedy(s) to …
Writing Advice

Writing is a Solitary Venture – Publishing is Not

| Angelica Kate |
Writing is the most solitary of careers. Crawling inside your head to tell the stories of characters others have never met is a unique experience. Most of us will beg for quiet as we work our way t…

The Secret Ingredient – Write Something Every Day

| Angelica Kate |
How many times has someone asked you, a friend, or maybe even an online forum what the secret is to writing a book? Most people who write for a living will respond with one shred of undeniable trut…

To Outline or Not to Outline That is the Question

| Angelica Kate |
If you are a writer of any longevity, whether the first book or the thirtieth, this is a question and argument you will come across. Yes, there are two main schools of thought on plotting out your …

Killing Your Main Character in a Romance? How Dare you!

| Angelica Kate |
I wrote a book called Discord, in which twin sisters were raised separately due to a horrifying situation at birth. While they can stay connected, it is with limited understanding of this connectio…

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