Killing Your Main Character in a Romance? How Dare you!

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I wrote a book called Discord, in which twin sisters were raised separately due to a horrifying situation at birth. While they can stay connected, it is with limited understanding of this connection. This book is about them finding their way to each other and earning the love they both deserve after so much heartache […]

To Outline or Not to Outline That is the Question

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If you are a writer of any longevity, whether the first book or the thirtieth, this is a question and argument you will come across. Yes, there are two main schools of thought on plotting out your entire book chapter by chapter, character profiles ad nauseam before starting the very first word on your new […]

The Secret Ingredient – Write Something Every Day

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How many times has someone asked you, a friend, or maybe even an online forum what the secret is to writing a book? Most people who write for a living will respond with one shred of undeniable truth – get writing. I know it sounds simple, but people tend to procrastinate, organize and overall talk […]

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