Best Intentions

By Angelica Kate
  • Published: November 19, 2021
  • Language: English

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Publisher’s Summary

Finley is a ball of fire, and her career is skyrocketing. She has to be tough to survive in the world of stockbrokers, each trying to outdo the other for the top dog. Unfortunately, she didn’t see a twist of nepotism or the boy’s club succeeding in shutting her out. Not willing to take the setback lying down, Finley quits her job and heads to a Mexican resort with her best friend for three days of unrivaled drinking, partying, and letting her hair down.

Ethan is a straight shooter and as alpha as they come. Women serve one purpose in his world, which is a temporary stress reliever to his high-powered job. When he first sets eyes on Finley, the chemistry is off the charts, and he is looking forward to his brief vacation. Three days is all they have, and they make sure to use every moment of it. Karma is surely laughing at him, as this twist of fate is about to see one hardened bachelor and a consummate career woman become parents? Strap in for one bumpy ride where neither is willing to give an inch, and both know exactly what the other ought to do in this situation? Can drunken mishaps, coincidental second meetings, and a meddling family be the recipe for true love and a baby carriage?

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