Calm Before the Storm

By Angelica Kate
  • Published: March 23, 2015
  • ISBN: 9781393499374
  • Page Count: 172
  • Audio Length: 60 minutes
  • Language: English

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Publisher’s Summary

Emily is doing everything she can to protect her two young children, including a late-night bus trip to parts unknown where her ex can’t find her. She needs a little time to heal from the last physical encounter and figure out her next move. She is determined to find a way to make more of herself and provide a different life for her children than the one she had as a child. She is determined to do it independently, as the only men she has ever allowed close have crushed her spirit and body.

Travis finds the holidays a reminder of everything he lost when his wife and daughter were killed years earlier by a drunk driver. Each year as the winter holiday season looms, he sojourns to his cabin, removed from civilization until all the craziness is over. It also gives him a chance to recharge and face another year alone. Not knowing his plans this year, his sister has already promised the cabin to a single mother and her children. A snowstorm will prevent any from making other arrangements to vacate and so they must learn to coexist. The tight quarters and long winter nights start to give way to other bigger complications for all of them.

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