Christmas Magic

By Angelica Kate
  • Published: February 14, 2021
  • Language: English
  • Collection:

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Publisher’s Summary

This book includes all the following stories:

Parker is a rising star at her tech firm. Having made VP of Development in a cut-throat business, she runs a tight ship. Despite the Christmas season being upon them, she can’t take her eyes off the ball as they rally the troops for the coming year to release several profitable new games. Unfortunately, her meddling mother and the fact that her gorgeous boss is going up for auction to raise money for charity are causing her to be distracted from business this holiday season.

Knox is one of the best security personnel in the business. He works with a myriad of hard to please clients during his grueling schedule fifty weeks a year. For two weeks at Christmas, though, he retreats from the world to the solitude of his cabin in the woods. After several devastating losses, he hates the holidays and has made this a tradition to avoid the fuss. Unfortunately, this year Knox will be asked to break a number of his hard and fast rules. When an old acquaintance calls in a favor to have him protect a female attorney in need of his brand of protection, things get complicated. Emersyn is by far the most unusual woman of his acquaintance – tough as nails, gorgeous, and with a huge bounty from one of the world’s worst bad guys on her head.

Roman is the man behind the curtain at his family’s scientific company labs. He was scarred in a tragic car accident years before leaving the press that dogs his family’s every move, to refer to him as the beast and focus on his handsome CEO brother Reagan. These brothers keep with their mother’s dying wish, grant a life-changing wish to a worthy recipient each Christmas. Roman hates this time of year but does it for his family. This year though, he is about to upend his entire life when a new member of his lab is selected. The fiery red-head is not like the other employees, and soon he finds that his damaged heart might just be getting into the spirit of the holiday after all.

When her ex lands her in the hospital after a brutal attack, Shane is forced to return to the ranch where she was raised. Unable to care for her toddler son, none of her family knew existed until now, she must take a trip down memory lane back home. Unfortunately, this means facing the one man she has loved from the time she was a girl. Trace is the epitome of cowboy, quiet, selfless, devoted to his family, and the much older head of the Suffort family that owns the ranch. Shane and her mother have been the help taking care of the family forever.

Maren doesn’t have anyone to spend Christmas with this year, yet she is counting her blessings. Raised in foster care, she has succeeded at so many of the goals she had for her life; a great job, a good place to live, and a possible love match in the form of her downstairs neighbor. If only Noah weren’t the saddest, most introverted around Christmas, he might himself see the potential of a match. In a desperate attempt to get some Christmas Magic applied to her wish, she visits a tree known for granting Christmas wishes and adds hers to the branches

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