Death of the Matchmaker

By Angelica Kate
  • Published: November 19, 2021
  • ISBN: 979-8791428592
  • Page Count: 120
  • Language: English

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Publisher’s Summary

Missy Mays’s mother, Naomi, had been the best matchmaker on the west coast of the United States for the rich and unique clientele she worked for. Unfortunately, in Missy’s opinion, Naomi was also the meanest and most direct human that ever walked the earth. When she unexpectedly gets run over by one of her clients, Missy takes over the business and tries to make love matches for all the forlorn that cross her path. She believes in love, not as a transaction but as a finding of the other half of your soul, and intends to overturn the business style her mother was famous for.

The only problem is it is nearly impossible to forge a new identity for the business when your mother refuses to let go. She wrestles with her love woes when the new divorce attorney moves in next door and spouts all his anti-love views. Then things get REALLY weird when her mother, in a bid to redeem herself and not get sent to the hot place down under, is sent back to earth to make ten enduring love matches before she can move into the light. Will Missy lose her mind trying to juggle clients and her dead mother’s plethora of opinions? What is a woman to do except try to help ten people as fast as possible find love, rid herself of a nosy ghost and try not to fall in love with the cynical divorce attorney next door?

Follow along on this crazy ride of love, redemption, and motherly love gone wrong!

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