Heavenly Detour

By Angelica Kate
  • Published: February 14, 2021
  • ISBN: 9781393370949
  • Language: English

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Publisher’s Summary

When Taryn’s ex threatened her daughter, she picked up and ran. With no support system in her small Midwest town, she headed south to a fresh start for them. Harmony, FL was another detour along her path to an uncertain future, a place to lay her head and experience the beach and ocean for the first time in her life. What she did count on was that her detour off the main road might end up being the path she was supposed to take all along. From the two elderly eccentric keepers of Beach House, the beautiful Lyra that becomes a confidant and therapist and a never ending stream of interesting characters to the beach front B&B. Taryn never lacks for new and exciting chapters in her book of life.

When the past comes threatening the repercussions may have her running once again. This time she will be leaving a family, a community and a sheriff willing to give his life to protect her. Harmony though may be the single place on earth where heaven and earth meet, and guardian angels abound to help guide Taryn and her daughter into the destiny that was always waiting for them. If only she is brave enough to stop running and appreciate all the gifts one tiny detour brought into her life.

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