Pieces of Her Heart

By Angelica Kate
  • Published: February 1, 2021
  • ISBN: 9781540109286
  • Language: English

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Publisher’s Summary

Dana is trying to put her past behind her and start over with her son Beau. Having just graduated with the help of her best friend, Hannah, from college, she is looking forward to the next step. Moving across the country and starting their own business is a dream on the cusp of becoming a reality that she had not even thought possible four years before.

Hannah’s brother Brady was burned by a woman once, and now his only goal is taking care of his mother and sister as he deems appropriate. He is not about to let an irresponsible single mother like Dana derail the plans he has for his family. Unfortunately, this hurt, unfeeling man might be the only thing able to stand up to the past when it blows into town demanding steep dues. The consequences for these two damaged hearts will hang in the balance.

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