Scars of Yesterday

By Angelica Kate
  • Published: July 4, 2017
  • ISBN: 978-1521587423
  • Page Count: 233
  • Language: English

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Publisher’s Summary

Jordan Kuriel was tough as nails, immovable, and unflinching, which were the very characteristics that propelled her into a decorated military career serving multiple tours overseas, until the moment a bomb ended that trajectory and sent her state’s side for good. Upon returning home, she found her younger sister’s lifetime of bad choices come to a head, making Jordan a single mother causing her life’s mission to take a drastic turn. Balancing her grief, healing, and an infant Jordan finds peace with the past and focuses on building the life she desires for her new son. Over time Jordan comes to cherish her close-knit family, a career she loves and is making the best of all her blessings while never allowing herself to focus on sacrificing her injuries forced upon her and ruin that peaceful existence. That balance is upended the day she comes home to one of the richest men in America standing on her doorstep demanding her name a number for her to turn over custody of her son.

Dominic Bansuelos runs his family’s multinational company with firm but fair hands and puts his duty to the masses of employees and his family above his own happiness. The scar across his heart honed by hordes of people who only seek his company to better their bank accounts, company position, or other selfish endeavors causes him to always feel alone even in the most crowded of public spotlights. He was raised by parents who only ever had eyes for each other until his father passed on the reigns of their kingdom to him. His parent’s marriage provided him a blueprint of the ideal relationship that no woman has ever attained and gave him a reason to break his bachelor’s existence. When his mother demands he once again clean up his baby brother’s mess and try to gain custody of the nephew he never knew existed, he crosses path with the indomitable force that is Jordan Kuriel. He had hoped for a simple showing of power to back her down but soon finds out that where this woman is concerned, nothing is that simple.

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