Virtuous Sin #5 – Charity Cures

By Angelica Kate
  • Published: March 21, 2021
  • Language: English
  • Collection:

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Publisher’s Summary

Atara is on a mission to rescue Ryder from Nathaniel’s clutches and is chasing leads like a crazy woman. Nothing Levi, Ray, or Jax can do slowing her down, as all they can do is get on board and hope that they have her back when she needs it. Following a trail of breadcrumbs across multiple states, they finally land at the front door of a charity that takes in street kids and tries to give them a fresh start. It is also one of the last places that Ryder was seen seeking shelter, but this sinister place is all smoke and mirrors where the people that run it believing in “curing” the inhabitant’s concerns in the foulest of manners. Can Atara and the team shut down this house of horrors, or will one ultimatum leave them with an impossible decision that will have dire consequences for all involved?

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