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Aging Out

Before her death, Mama Jean, as she was fondly known by the foster children she took in, set in motion the plans for the Hertzel-Mendall Family Farm, a community established to offer homes to families that fostered children.  The “Farm” offers therapeutic, recreational and many other services all in one place to achieve the best outcomes for children in the foster care system.  “Mama” Jean Hertzel fostered teenagers who had run out of options.  Teens who were considered unadoptable mostly due to their ages, but sometimes for other reasons.  She gave them a chance when they were out of chances.  Through the years, six of those young people made it all the way through her innovative program, and this group tight as any biological family, were named in her will as the team to assume not only her wealth, but the weight of caring for the oversight of the Farm.  Each of them have overcome big odds, and each book in this series allows us to be part of their world for a little while.

Book #1 – Foster Intellect

Book #2 – Foster Hope

Book #3 – Foster Passion

Book #4 – Foster Healing

Book #5 – Foster Spirit

Aging Out – Foster Passion

Katja truly adored all her foster siblings, but Lincoln holds a special place in her heart. He had already been with Mama Jean when they had taken her in, straight from the hospital, and through the pain of physical and emotional healing, they had become best friends, a friendship that endured through their childhood and into adulthood. The two of them are the glue that holds all of the others together. As a successful attorney, Lincoln is still very serious in nature but thrives in his capacity as the one who handles all the Hertzel-Mendall Family Farm’s legal and financial concerns. He is also the one everyone turns to for advice. Katja is the nurturer, a kind of mother figure to anyone who comes to the Farm. When she receives an offer of marriage from Lincoln’s friend and partner, decisions have to be made. Decisions that could destroy even their lifelong friendship.

Aging Out – Foster Healing

Savannah Greane is a good mother in a terrible situation, on the brink of losing her son due to injuries sustained in another attack by her ex-husband. She has run for years, limited personal friends for fear others could get hurt and lived in shelters, but he found her, and now his parents are suing for custody, saying she cannot care for her son. When a tall man walks into her room and offers her a solution, it seems too good to be true, but she doesn’t have any other option.

Nate Buckman is the complete opposite of his outgoing twin. He is the quiet one, a steady anchor for his brother. Like all of his foster siblings now helping to run the Farm, he is always willing to lend support to foster children in need. One night at the local hospital, he comes in contact with Jackson, a child who reminds him of his life’s worst night. The night he lost his own parents. Nate has a solution but will need permission from all of the Farm’s owners to help one little boy circumvent the system and stay free of foster care.

Aging Out – Foster Spirit

Hadley is an eternal optimist, despite her pint-sized stature. She is loved and adored by everyone, full of joy and kindheartedness. Until the day, Logan Reems takes it upon himself to become her designated, albeit it reluctant knight in shining armor, and rescue her from the mud. She has never come up against anyone so haughty and mean-spirited. Her determination to avoid contact with him is derailed when she finds out his two boys will be in her kindergarten class.

Logan Reems is pleased that his new position as Operations Manager for The Farm will not only offer his family the stability of a permanent home but a full range of therapeutic options for his son, Parker. He gets along with all the farm owners until the day he meets Hadley, the youngest of the six foster kids Mama Jean raised. When he helps her out of a bad situation, the tiny spitfire of a woman is not only ungrateful, she is furious. From that first meeting, something about the woman makes him want to throttle her, but they will need to learn to tolerate one another for his boys’ sake.

Aging Out – Foster Hope

When their parents died in a plane crash, Nick and his identical twin Nate end up bouncing around foster care, always trying to find a way back together. No one wants two teenage boys until the night Mama Jean made them a deal they couldn’t refuse. Now he has finished college and is the new baseball coach and teacher at his old high school. Excited to have landed a job so close to his home and responsibilities on the Farm, he arrives ready to help the teenagers he surrounds with daily. The last thing he expects is to run into Hope, the girl that had left Mama Jean’s program without any explanation years before.
Hope Garland is the soccer coach at the high school. The last thing she ever wanted to do was come face to face with Nick Buckman again and have to finally explain what had happened to cause her to walk away from the one place she had been thrilled.

Aging Out – Foster Intellect

In book one, Foster Intellect, Preston Young could hack any computer and rewire any machine. What he couldn’t do was remain in any foster home. His bad attitude and increasing age were causing all of his options to fade. Then one night, he ended up on Mama Jean’s doorstep. It was his last chance, but it was a good one. Years later, his thriving computer business and monetary contributions to the farm’s operations are a reflection of how far he has come. He can fix anything electronic, but dealing with most people is a challenge.

Alex is a 15-year-old foster kid with little hope of finding a family to take her before she ages out of the system. Her social worker, Sadie Reece, can’t give up on her, though. The kid is intelligent. She causes enough trouble to be irritating but never enough to get herself too deep, and Sadie is determined to help her before it is too late.


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