Collection: Bombshells of Yesterday

Bombshells of Yesterday #6 – Exploring Eden

Marcus Norwin is on vacation in a small Caribbean port recommended to him by another attorney friend when he comes face-to-face with his baby sister’s spitting image at the same age. As he continues exploring the island and learning more about Eller Caines, he is growing convinced he is the child he never knew he had. When her mother comes for a visit, fireworks explode, and verbal barbs are exchanged as the love he let slip through his fingers comes roaring back to life. But for a big town lawyer and a surf shack owner halfway across the world, time is the one thing they no longer have. Are Eller and a second chance going to be enough to make a permanent change or this a case of what happens on vacation might need to stay on vacation?

Bombshells of Yesterday #5 – Certified Memories

Amalie Needer wakes one morning convinced her name is Rachel Morrison. She can’t tell her best friend Sarah why this is her belief, but she can’t shake it, and when she reveals this information, her boss recommends a friend of hers that might be able to help. Theo Mason is a practicing therapist, but luckily not Amalie’s, as he is skeptical of her claims of being someone else at first. As they start to pull strings on her memories and unravel them, a shocking truth of her childhood begins to come into focus. With each revelation, he is falling harder for Amalie or Rachel and more worried that this relationship might be headed to a tough end before it truly gets started.

Bombshells of Yesterday #4 – Introducing Chaos

Rayne Dempsey had been told her mother died years previously. She and her father had made good on starting a chain of restaurants, and after culinary school, she had put her stamp on the one smack downtown with a fusion menu that was raved about in all the best magazines. Unfortunately, with every success comes those that want to take it from you, like Donovan Greer, the detective that shows up one day to ask her questions about her mother. It turns out her body had just been discovered, and her father the prime suspect. Not what she needed on the precipice of her first nationwide cooking show beginning taping. Now, she is fighting feelings for the hot detective while trying not to throw disbelieving glances in her father’s direction.

Bombshells of Yesterday #3 – Discernment Undercovers

When Javier Bunson is sent in to help with a hostage negotiation, he is about to come face to face with a ghost from his past. The little girl being held hostage turns out to be a direct result of a one-night stand with his best friend’s sister and current teammate Brayden. Shania never told about that night and, even now, doesn’t seem to want to discuss this as her daughter’s life hangs in the balance. Unfortunately, he was always really good at math, and it seems he might have a deeply personal reason for seeing this situation ended without any harm coming to the hostage. But will he be able to claim the result of one bad decision without ruining everything he has worked so hard to build?

Bombshells of Yesterday #2 – Startling Encounters

Reagan Snow is just another attorney trying to make partner, find the love of his life, and grab a small piece of the American dream. One late-night stop at the fast-food mart, though, on the wrong side of town will bring him face to face with truth so unsettling that it will shift his world on its axis. For someone that believes his parents, while fierce, would never lie to him, he is faced with a soul-baring decision when the truth belies that reality. What will he do when faced with proof of what might have been and discovers a piece of himself he somehow always knew was missing?

Bombshells of Yesterday #1 – Unknown Origins

Jagger Malik is a famous movie star known for his kindness and good-guy image. He allows his brother/agent to book him on a show to discover his roots, to climb the ratings, and gain a new audience he is told. Through DNA testing and a private investigator, the show aims to uncover his past truths as it has done for so many other famous faces before him. Since he already knows he is adopted, Jagger is convinced that not much else can shock him, but little does he know his origins’ scintillating truth. Love, lust, and siblings lost will converge in this story fit for the tabloids, as he travels near and far to find the single truth that may change him forever.


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