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Virtuous Sin #9 – Humility Rises

Detective Arizona Tume has been bidding her time and waiting for just the right moment to make her move. Her cover is now blown, or so she believes after helping Alaric escape out of the task force. When some hard questions are brought to bear, she is on edge but still not fully cleared to leave the job she has been entrusted to for all these years. When Levi makes a move, she is not certain to believe her old partner, but the case she has been asked to advise on is too hot not to throw in with everyone trying to solve it. Too late, she realizes that she has more to learn from Atara than she ever thought, and sometimes humility will win over the proud. The line will be drawn in a moment of absolute clarity, and she will learn who truly has her back. Unfortunately, it may be too late for her as so many others have fallen, so shall she unless she does the unthinkable. With an impossible choice, there is only one right answer, no matter the cost.

Virtuous Sin #8 – Lust Dies

On the tail of finding out Alaric, Levi, and Nate’s secret, the women of Virtuous Sin are spiraling. Finding that everything they thought reality was a facade in a bigger game of cat and mouse than anyone ever knew could be the end of the road for these three, at the very least, the men they had trusted are on the outs with them for certain. As they find a way back in – a new evil lurks, being called from the darkness, he seeks to claim a secret that will change all dynamics of this war for good. Both sides will make a chess move, but will the government that tried to cover this conspiracy win, or will the women be a step ahead of those that thought they could hold them in check?

Virtuous Sin #7 – Chastity Fails

With Levi’s life in the balance, Atara will stop at nothing to hunt down those who are holding him. Still not certain if this is tied to Nathaniel and the continuing mystery of the homegrown terrorist cell they are hunting or some other sinister evil it will take all the sisters to get to Levi in time. Unfortunately, the group holding him has lived in the shadows for years and boasts some of the world’s most powerful men as clients for the pure women they offer to the highest bidder. They are led by a smart, maniacal man who has everything riding on, staying under the radar and offering the women a swap for their silence. At the moment, that everything looks to finally be working toward a positive outcome for Levi and the women, don’t blink – because nothing is as it seems in the underbelly of this city.

Virtuous Sin #6 – Greed Folds

As they start to unravel the secrets of Nathaniel’s origins based on Ryder’s information, a new mystery south of the border ensues. Jax’s sister Justeen is on a mission to save other girls in a bad spot like she once was, but she might have bitten off more than she can chew with this latest rescue endeavor. When she stands between a baddie and millions of dollars, something is sure to give. Can the women outrun the publicity-hungry press clamoring for them to pull off a covert operation that has a lot of lives hanging in the balance? Or are their actions about to catch up with them in a showdown for the ages?

Virtuous Sin #5 – Charity Cures

Atara is on a mission to rescue Ryder from Nathaniel’s clutches and is chasing leads like a crazy woman. Nothing Levi, Ray, or Jax can do slowing her down, as all they can do is get on board and hope that they have her back when she needs it. Following a trail of breadcrumbs across multiple states, they finally land at the front door of a charity that takes in street kids and tries to give them a fresh start. It is also one of the last places that Ryder was seen seeking shelter, but this sinister place is all smoke and mirrors where the people that run it believing in “curing” the inhabitant’s concerns in the foulest of manners. Can Atara and the team shut down this house of horrors, or will one ultimatum leave them with an impossible decision that will have dire consequences for all involved?

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